Contract Education

Santa Rosa Junior College’s (SRJC’s) Contract Education Department has served the immediate training needs of Sonoma County employers by providing assessment, on-site customized training, seminars, and workshops.  The reputation of Santa Rosa Junior College’s customized training program is one of innovation, collaboration, and responsiveness and it is a reputation earned through the many partnerships with employers, the successful retention of employees, and the increased productivity of the regional workforce.

Contract Education specializes in developing customized performance-based training packages that provide immediate support to the employer.  Our customized training and educational programs built to respond to your organization quickly–whenever and wherever assistance is needed. Programs can range from short-term seminars to long-term educational training programs.  Customized training programs can take place in the workplace, in classrooms or labs, or in the field.  Training can be offered during the day, evening, weekday, and weekend.  All training can be customized to be flexible and to assist your staff in skill acquisition, so your organization does not “skip a beat.”   

Contract Education instructors are subject matter experts in the discipline and industry they represent.  All instructors remain ahead of industry trends and advancements through continued professional development, instruction, and involvement with associations.  Allow our experienced educators, lecturers, motivational speakers, and trainers to assist you in shaping your business.

The Department of Labor Statistics and Labor Bureau Statistics both conclude that a skilled workforce participating in career and technical education training is key to promoting economic growth.  Companies looking to gain a competitive economic advantage understand that retention and productivity require actively leveraging the skills and training of their workforce–the most important element of an organization.  Allow SRJC’s Contract Education to be the key to stimulate your organization’s growth and to remain competitive locally, domestically, and internationally.


SRJC’s Contract Education Department’s mission is to serve as the premier customized Contract Education and skill development solution in Sonoma County.  Contract Education is committed to providing the most relevant, flexible, timely, and highest quality skills training and professional development experience in the region.

Contract Education will accomplish our mission through:

Comprehensive pre-training assessment with employee skills assessment to develop the foundation for the training program;

Development and administration of flexible results-oriented training designed specifically to meet your organization's unique workforce needs;

Incorporate company culture, processes, and systems into the curriculum for the greatest results; and

Building a partnership with your organization grounded on achieving meaningful outcomes through creative solutions, combining expertise and resources, joint-planning for long-term success


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