Emergency Protocols

Start by being prepared! 

Sign up for SRJC Emergency Alerts to receive texts and/or email updates from SRJC when urgent matters arise. 

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In the event of any emergency...


1. Get Help

For all incidents including medical, safety, and facilities concerns:

On Campus (Santa Rosa or Petaluma): 
  • Call District Police: (707) 527-1000
  • Instructors: pre-program your phone with this number. 
Off Campus:
  • Call 911

Calling District Police activates a communitywide emergency response network. District Police can get any emergency services to SRJC campus locations much faster than 911 dispatch. Do not attempt treatment or transport of an injured person.


2. Notify Community & Contract Education

Community and Contract Education instructors must notify the office of Community and Contract Education when any incident, illness, or injury takes place, even if emergency services are not required.

By phone: 
  • (707) 527-4372 (business hours only)
By email: 


3. File an Incident Report

All incidents and injuries (including near-misses) must be reported using SRJC’s online Incident Report form within 24-48 hours. Incident reports document key information, allow students to access SRJC’s insurance coverage if needed, and allow campus health/safety teams to address preventable issues. Use any classroom computer or your mobile device to submit.

Submit Incident Report