Facilities Rentals - External Groups

Rent SRJC facilities for your events! 

Sonoma County Junior College District (SRJC) welcomes events that support the vision, mission, and values of our college. Consider hosting your event at one of our gorgeous campus facilities. From classic brick and ivy, to modern Spanish architecture, to a hilltop farm with breathtaking views, SRJC has it all.

To meet SRJC’s legal and fiduciary requirements to serve as a site for an event, SRJC requires the following conditions to be met by all event organizers, which are defined as 1) Non-college organizations requesting facilities independently (External); 2) Non-college organizations that are working with or sponsored by a college department (Co-Sponsored); or 3) College departments requesting facilities for College events where no external event organizer is involved (Internal).



Applications are processed in the order they are received and availability is based upon District classes and activities.

We endeavor to provide service at your convenience and to ensure your SRJC experience is a positively memorable one.  In order to achieve this result, SRJC will do our part to coordinate and confirm resources with other departments (Custodial, District Police, Grounds, Media Services, and other).  However, a positive event experience does not come without the responsibility of the event organizer.  SRJC recommends the event organizer submit the Use of Facilities request at their earliest convenience, but well in advance of the actual event date.  Additionally, the event organizer should have the following information outlined prior to contacting SRJC:  

  • Event name
  • Event description
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • Preferred event date(s)
  • Alternative events date(s)
  • Starting Time and Ending Time of the request
    1. Minimum one-hour is required for Media Services (dependent upon the extent of the set up)
    2. Minimum four staff for two hours required by Custodial is set-up is for 200+ attendees
  • Preferred location
    1. Campus, building, room, etc.
  • Preferred set up type
    1. Classroom, Meeting, Conference, Fundraiser, Lecture, Panel Discussion, Banquet, Convention, Board Meeting, etc.
  • Number of chairs
  • Number of tables
  • Attach a diagram of the event set-up you are requesting
    1. (it does not have to be to scale, but orientation, arrangement, and location of the items are essential)
  • Food and beverage expectations
  • Preferred service needs: SCJCD requires services and personnel be present for most events.
    1. All events requiring resources are subject to the availability of the resource, including Custodial, Grounds, Public Safety, and Media Services and requests are subject the type and size of the event.
  • Media Services: technology needs
  • District Police: security needs
  • Custodial: set up, tear down, and deep cleaning for indoor events
  • Grounds: set up, tear down, and cleaning of outdoor events


  • Certificate of Liability Insurance (external events and co-sponsored events)
  • Proof of non-profit status (non-profit events only)
  • Co-sponsorship Application
  • Fresh and Natural Food Waiver
  • Beer and Wine Authorization Form (events serving beer and wine only)
  • Fundraising Activity Form
  • Confirm receipt and approval of Event Coordinator Responsibilities 
  • Schedule walk-through 
    • SRJC reserves the right to require a walk-through for any event



Telephone: 707-535-3777