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Propose a Community Education Course

SRJC Community Education provides a wide-ranging portfolio of enrichment classes that meet the varied interest of the lifelong learners in the community.  Our classes are all not-for-credit (no grades or tests) and are typically short-term.  Community Education actively recruits new instructors for new topics and new courses each semester.  

Proposals are accepted at any time, however, new course proposals must be received by the due dates noted here to be considered for inclusion in our printed catalog:

  • Fall semester proposals due April 30 (extended)
  • Spring semester proposals due August 20
  • Summer semester proposals due January 2

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Propose a Course for the Oakmont Lifelong Learning Program

SRJC partners with Oakmont Lifelong Learning to offer a series of courses each season. Separate from our regular Community Education catalog offerings, these courses are offered at Oakmont, for the Oakmont Active Adult Community. This program runs on a four-quarter cycle rather than SRJC's typical semester calendar. 

Oakmont Lifelong Learning course proposals are accepted at any time, however, new course proposals must be received by the due dates noted below to be considered for each respective season:

  • Fall season proposals due March 30
  • Winter season proposals due June 30
  • Spring season proposals due September 21

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