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No commute, no parking hasslelearn from the comfort and safety of home.

Build community with your instructor and classmates around your greatest topics of interest.

A variety of interactive teaching techniques allow for a fun and unique experience in every course.


Here’s what our students have to say:


“The Zoom format worked out great. I actually preferred it because I didn’t have to drive or navigate parking on campus.”
Course: Create a Website for Fun, Profit, and Business

“This was one of the most outstanding courses I have ever taken. Ever. I cannot believe how far my guitar playing has come in such a short time. And this was all over Zoom.”
Course: New Chords, Concepts, and Rhythms for Continuing-Beginning Guitarists

“I really enjoyed the course and got much more out of it than I expected. The Zoom format really works for me and I hope it continues.”
Course: Ayurveda: Body-Type System

"This course translated very well to Zoom. In person it can be difficult to both draw and watch the instructor at the same time. I was able to listen and draw, and then observe when it seemed the most important, and I think the Zoom format made that easier. The instructor did a great job making it possible for us to submit work for critique and advice.”
Course: Drawing Spring Flowers in Colored Pencil

“COVID has created a new and challenging environment, but online classes are great. It is easier for me to attend a class online and saves me from driving to Santa Rosa.”
Course: Italiano Uno - Conversational Italian

“The instructor has mastered the ability to teach through Zoom brilliantly, by showing us techniques and then checking each of us as we played. Her joie de vivre, professionalism, and excellent teaching techniques are a delight for her students”
Course: Holly's Ukulele Method Part 1: Ultra Beginners Workshop

“The instructor did a very good job with this course on Zoom. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of discussion we were collectively able to engage in.”
Course: HerStory: Women Artists From 1900-WWII

“Even though the course met on Zoom, the class was thorough and great.”
Course: BAR 2021: Smog Technician Update

“We all had to get used to Zoom but the class went amazing. We learned how to use the whiteboard and I loved how the Zoom breakouts allowed us to work with different individuals in the class.“

"I prefer Zoom classes because I can learn anywhere, especially if I am traveling, and I do not have to commute to class."
Course: Beginning Spanish

"I like Zoom because I am unable to drive at night and also because there is a wider variety of students."
Course: Intermediate Spanish II

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